Poker High stakes: Jean-Robert Bellande has his ticket for the One Drop

Who would have thought it? One of the great figures of American poker player, Jean-Robert Bellande, eternal broke player during different high stakes tournaments, has just made an announcement saying that he is going to participate in the next One Drop. With a photo of his ticket in support, the man who likes to play poker for fun will thus be present in the most select poker tournaments which could be.

The man, that everyone considers as out of money published on Sunday evening a series of tweets to his fans scattered in the world. For the moment, we don’t know how he found this amount of $1 million. What is probable is that the money could come from Dan Bilzerian, another star of poker in the USA. The latter and Jean-Robert Bellande have played a series of High Stakes rounds a few time before.

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The advantages of a poker school

Have you heard about online poker and you wish to excel in this field? Know that you are not the only one to be in such situation. In order to help beginning players to find a place among stars of poker real money, the online poker rooms propose various possibilities to reach such stage on their website. In fact, beside the numerous help items, strategies and advice to apply to the different variants of poker, the specialized rooms in this cards game propose also a poker school.

Generally established by poker professionals, the main aim of the latter is to accompany each gamer up to the highest top of their dreams. Beside the essential bases of poker rules, important definitions and also all techniques and strategies to apply are taught in these poker schools, which are considered as genuine specialized institutions in the apprenticeship of online poker. Thus, a poker school allows among others to know how to check, to bet, raise or fold and many others also, without taking the slightest risk.

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A look into online poker

Poker is one of the most famous games in casinos. There is no gambler who has visited a casino and not played this game. This game is not only played in casino but also in homes with family and friends when just hanging out. Teenagers play it either to make money or just to have fun while socializing with other teenagers in house parties. Online poker is now one of the most played games in the casinos. This is because most people are shy of going to play against others while others are afraid of losing too much money in the hand of others.

The costs are also too high due to the transport costs and also the amount of bets placed. Poker rules are usually provided by the casino websites providing the game. Also, one can search for the rules in the internet and also the famous strategies of play. It is advisable for those who do not wish to bet on real money as can first try out playing the game on the free games segment. No money is required to be paid. One just plays the game against the computer as he/she learns a few tricks to win.

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Opt for a responsible attitude towards gaming

For almost online players, poker is a way to spend wonderful moments and have fun. However, a small proportion of people that use online poker sites service, it can be dangerous as sometimes, it may lead to gaming addiction. Gaming addiction can be defined as an excess in wagering, gambling with real money. It is worth to emphasize that gaming addiction often causes severe problems such as financial difficulties or family relationships troublescaused by money loss, etc. Consequently, online poker game requires a certain degree of responsibilityas well as certain amount of maturity that prevents players from addiction.

Staying away from gaming addiction is possible if the players make it imperative to choose carefully the online poker room where you play. Check out if the website that provides this service adopts the responsible gambling policy and provide users with an enjoyable and exciting experience during their gaming time. Players have to only chooseonline poker sites that are licensed by Organizations for prevention and support for problem gamblers, like Addictel, for example. Another way is to set a limit of the amount you can wager when you play online poker. This will prevent you from important money loss.

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The women around an online poker table

Almost one in three online poker players happens to be a she. In France, this card game gathers more than 2.5 millions of fanatics. Let us imagine the number of women player who dare to face men in the green carpet. Are feminine players so redoubtable so that they play poker online under an anonymous name for not frightening the masculine players? Indisputably, the women are more able to have concentration than the men. It is a considerable advantage for the women on poker table. In addition, the poker rules on online poker are rather flexible so that the players can abandon the game at their ease.

And an online poker round may be performed quickly. The asset of the women players is also remarkable in their charm. They can indeed turn the attention of their masculine opponents. Therefore, the women can guess their opponent’s game. But some women play poker honestly. That is, the poker sites allow the player playing under anonymous name or under an alias. Many players chose this option in order to have full amusement without making them known. The plus point of the woman is her ability to manage her capital. A woman is patient and can goodly manage the prospects of the poker game.

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Master poker and all its tips with online poker rooms!

Today, many people come easily to change their lives thanks to a good strategy. Luxury villas, last car model or journey through different destination, the rhythm of their lives is centered on their wealth. Just ask one of the biggest personalities in this field and you will understand that most of them are at such a stage thanks to poker real money. Indeed, with the expansion of new technologies and the advent of Internet in homes, many online poker rooms have emerged and promise to distribute huge gains.

Amounts that can amount to thousands of dollars can be easily reached by applying in these games. To do this, simply sign up with a poker room where poker texas holdem is available, the most played poker variant and take part in various tournaments that are available. Every day and every hour, a list of poker tournaments is at the disposal of enthusiasts at these online poker rooms with attractive prizepool. Of course, these online poker sites offer everything needed to allow their players to play in the best conditions but also to allow them to easily win prizepool and why not sponsoring program and packages for great poker events.

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WPT Brussels: A foreigner won the tournament

The Danish Lasse Frost has won the WPT Brussels, a[g] poker [/g]tournament which took place in Belgium. The Danish player was able to make an amazing show during the final table of this[g] poker tournament[/g], after having conquered 376 players at the beginning of the game. Different foreigner players, especially professional players, were competing with him during this last round: three Belgians, two French, a Canadian and a Panamanian. The last finalist who was opposed to Lasse Frost was the French poker player, Dimitri Monfroy.

Although Dimitri was a formidable one, his adversary was a lucky player as during the final heads up, he got a pair of Queen. The French player was not able to do better with a pair of nine in his hand, and the victory was given to the Danish. Beside, the participants won important amounts of money during this tournament. Indeed, the winner won 102,000 €, and his adversary won 72.400€. The Belgian who got the third place won 46,200€.

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Rafael Nadal to join Team PokerStars

One of the world’s leading online poker sites PokerStars has now announced that professional tennis player Rafael Nadal will become part of Team PokerStars. PokerStars has already contracted a few other stars like for example former tennis legend Boris Becker and field hockey player Fatima Moreira de Melo. Rafael Nadal is currently No. 2 in the ATP rankings. He has only just won the French Open which is the 11th big title of his career. There are already many other Spanish players that play for TeamPokerstars like for example Juan Manuel Pastor and Poli Rincon. PokerStars can be sure to attract many new players having Rafael Nadal as a spokesperson. Play At PokerStars to see why this poker site is so famous for its amazing offers and different poker tournaments. Play at PokerStars to see for yourself why this site is so famous for it’s many promotions and tournaments.

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Are you looking for reliable online casino websites! Yes, that exists!

Having a good time playing online, yes, it’s possible; whatever the kind of game you want. Virtual casino gambling let you not only to win money but it’s also a source of satisfaction for many players. Remember that it is allowed to bet, to play on Internet today and this by connecting only on many virtual casino sites. A choice is necessary because new players should not venture in any gambling site. The risk of getting scammed by rogue people is real and frequent in this day. So to help you see more clearly, make the right choice by going to the right place, everyone must do so a little research on search engine like Google or Yahoo before choosing the right one where to play. The true and reliable, serious still appear on the front page. Then the rest is a easy to handle. You’ll find there all the kind of game you want, [url=]poker[/url], baccarat, slot machine….

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A winner at the slot machines

It is crazy to know that your neighbour has just won £12360 on slot machines and you are still in your sofa and do nothing because you don’t want to play internet. But Peter, your neighbour has already won this amount and through an online casino. So, if you want to be the lucky neighbour and be the one who make the other one jealous, be ready to play online and win a lot. Be ready to register by giving your details, get a bonus and play online. Most of the time, [url=][couleur=#0000ff][g]casino[/g][/couleur][/url] will ask you to download a software, don’t be worried, their software are safe and controlled by a number of associations which control the activity. So, no risk and if you are good at it, you will probably more than your neighbour. Don’t need to leave your house anymore to play at the casino.

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